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Join our conversation on Sleepless Nights…

A recent report say that there’s been a five-fold increase in new referrals to sleep clinics, with increasing numbers of people asking for help with their disturbed sleep.

More than 30% of the UK population currently suffers from insomnia or another sleep disorder, is this increase down to added pressures of stress and an over exposure to computers and mobile phones?

Some of the sleep issues raised are rather odd; texting in your sleep, eating, having sex as well as stopping breathing and exploding head syndrome!

Have you got any personal anecdotes or experience which can add to this discussion?

Some of our listeners have experiences of strange sleep patterns…

Alexandra Wilson from Cambridge:

I woke up one morning to the sound of my boyfriend’s laughter. I opened my eyes and he was looking at me. ‘what’s so funny’ said I. He replied ‘you’re fast asleep and yet you are still kissing me’. ‘Nonsense’ I replied and closed my eyes again. ‘No seriously’ he insisted, ‘when you’re asleep you kiss me, I woke up because you had kissed my shoulder, and then when I moved my hand in the way, you kissed my hand.’ ‘I would never do that’ I grunted, annoyed at this apparent humiliation. ‘So I’ve been testing it just now by putting my finger to your lips, and each time you give it a little kiss!’ At this point I opened my eyes again and looked at him, ‘oh, yeah, and what else did you test it with?’

Disgruntled boyfriend, Orestes Kuzof from Greece: 

My girlfriend once sat bolt upright in bed, yelled ‘NO’ really loudly, then just instantly snapped back down to the bed. Weird.

The Active Sleeper, Yolanda Copes-Stepney from London:

I sleepwalk occasionally. I only realised when my nan said why do you keep running up and down the stairs at night? Also I once trashed my room in a sleep, I was dreaming about catching a snake in my room with fly spray. I woke up with a can of fly spray and a baseball bat in my bed. Also, I’ve been known to burst out laughing in my sleep.

Freaked out traveler, Amy from Guernsey: 

I woke up in the jungle in Bolivia with this crazy Irish woman from the tent next door, straddling me and hitting me with a pillow. I thought she was trying to kill me. Turned out she was just drunk and regularly did that sort of thing.

Night Time Wonderer, Olivia from Romsey:

I used to sleep walk and would routinely make it to the top of the stairs before my parents stopped me.

Bedtime Adventurer, Lille from London:

I once dreamt I was on a helter skelter and woke up at the other end of bed. pillow & all.

Sleep Struggler, Jessie from Wales:

I wake up and believe there are people in my room on average 2/3 times in a night. Then take a while to realise they aren’t and that it’s probably just lights through the window.

Here’s a listener explain his sleep issues, including the newly discovered sexsomnia

Text: Chess Roberts

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