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Catch of the Day

Mackerel has been removed from the Marine Conservation Society‘s ‘eat with a happy heart’ list and downgraded to ‘eat with caution’ due to over-fishing.

With its status as a firm kitchen table favourite, we investigated how serious the situation really is and what fish you can turn to to replace this oily staple. Where better than Billingsgate Market to get to the heart of the matter – have a gander at the images below.

Fish on Ice


Fish Monger Large Fish in Crates Billingsgate Trader Billingsgate Market Canary Wharf Cockles Mackerel

Billingsgate is the perfect spot to find your perfect plaice and other  alternatives to our beloved mackerel.

Fancy a fish supper after all this food talk?  Give these recipes a try for a tasty and sustainable munch.





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