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Energy tariffs must be simpler

Orders the energy regulator Ofgem.

They have repeated their announcements that energy suppliers will be forced offer customers simpler energy plans and the lowest possible price tariffs.

This comes under the new Energy Bill legislation, and includes reforms such as: 1) companies my offer no more than four core tariffs for each fuel type, 2) bills must show the cheapest tariffs, and 3) consumers will be treated more fairly.


International Mother Language Day

Is English not your first language? Were you brought up elsewhere and still speak another language?

Thursday 21st February is the international day of celebration

Courtesy of Frerieke

Courtesy of Frerieke

for multilingualism and cultural diversity.

This day was brought about by the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organisation, and will be discussed in schools throughout England.

We at City Radio have been running around London to play our part in this celebration.We have our reporter Lillie Rosenblatt on the case, and watch this space for some fantastic audio clips.

If you speak another language, please send us a voice-clip to Olivia.st@live.com, or tweet us @citybroadcasters!

Can you guess which language is which? We will release the results at 4pm on Thursday 21st February

East London Bangladeshi Community

Action in the East London Bangladeshi community – Our reporter Helen-Ann Smith headed to Altab Ali Park at 1am this morning.

There she found 800 Bangladeshis celebrating International Mother Language Day, as well as the Bangladeshi martyr’s day.

Tinnitus Awareness Week – 4th-10th February 2013

Have you ever had a ringing in your ear that just won’t go away? Imagine that it never does go away – this is Tinnitus.

Tinnitus is a relatively mis-understood condition which approximately 6 million people currently suffer from. It can be due to a number of different problems (i.e. nerve damage, wax build-up and ear infections) and can be incredibly distressing for sufferers.

Tinnitus can be a relentless and unbearable condition for many...

Tinnitus can be a relentless and unbearable condition for many…

This week is national Tinnitus awareness week, a week which will try and raise the public’s awareness about this under-the-radar condition, as well as providing sufferers with support and advice.

Caroline Radnofsky has set out to find out more, and interviewed Dr Ralph Holme from Action on Hearing Loss:

Are you a sufferer? Comment below, or tweet us @Citybroadcaster!

Tasers to be introduced in Islington

Next week Islington residents should be on their guard…

Police in Islington will be constantly armed with Tasers, weapons that can kick out 50,000 volts in electricity, to better arm themselves against the criminals in London.

This new move from the Metropolitan Police Service comes on the anniversary of the death of the inventor of the taser: Jack Cover.

A taser snapped by our reporter Amy Westgarth

A taser snapped by our reporter Amy Westgarth

This also comes a month after a blind man was tasered by a policeman for carrying a white stick, therefore making it a highly controversial development.

We sent our reporter Amy Westgarth to find out more:

“Coming up, why the tantrum about tasers?

Around 6 per cent of police in Islington will now be trained to carry tasers. The stun guns are being rolled out across each of the capital’s thirty two boroughs, costing over eight hundred thousand pounds a year.  Are they a safe alternative to brute force or a dangerous weapon? Amy Westgarth reports.”

The 20th anniversary of the Maastricht Treaty

The 7th February is the 20th anniversary of the controversial Maastricht Treat.

In brief: this was an agreement signed by the European Community in Maastricht, The Netherlands, which led to the creation of the single euro currency, as well as the “3 pillars” of the European Union.

Just last week, the Prime Minister David Cameron promised the British population a referendum on whether to stay in the EU if the Conservative party is re-elected. In today’s environment of europhiles and eurosceptics, therefore, the anniversary could not be more topical…

We sent our political reporter Fern Tomlinson to find out more… Here is a little teaser of the “exclusive” that she won:

The EU referendum - a contentious issue

The EU referendum – a contentious issue



January is usually a time when major high street retailers can rejoice in the prosperity of the Christmas period. However, to follow in the theme of 2012, three more prominent British stores have called in the administrators in the first few weeks of this year.

We visited high streets in the opposite ends of London to see if they’d been affected by the closure of these stores, and how the high street is faring with empty premises. Christina Lovett of Angel Aim in the Business Improvement Centre talks to our reporter Anja.



It’s talk about cancer week, and we’ve got an exclusive feature all about it on the show at 3:30pm.

MacMillan Cancer Support, who are running the week, say: “Receiving a cancer diagnosis is hard. Talking about it can be even harder. This year between 21 – 27 January Cancer Talk Week is focused on families, how they can be there to support you or sometimes be the hardest people to talk to.”

You can listen to Helen-Ann’s very moving report here: 


Happy national compliment day!

City Broadcasters are celebrating by offering you a compliment if you tweet us or contact us on facebook.

We’ll also be uploading videos of compliments the team have received throughout the day …



Julian Assange supporters gathered outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in Knightsbridge on Wednesday night to “fight” for his freedom of speech. The Wikileaks founder conducted a talk with the Oxford Union via video-link, which dozens of students protested against. Assange still faces extradition to Sweden in relation to sexual assault allegations. He used the talk to criticise a new film, “The Fifth Estate”, which stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Assange and looks at the story of Wikileaks.

You can listen to Max’s full report on the protest on our show at 3:30pm, but here is the view of one of the protestors:

Assange 2

There is more on the new film staring Benedict Cumberbatch here: http://www.filmophilia.com/2013/01/23/cumberbatch-playing-another-enemy-of-the-state-in-the-fifth-estate/