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Energy tariffs must be simpler

Orders the energy regulator Ofgem.

They have repeated their announcements that energy suppliers will be forced offer customers simpler energy plans and the lowest possible price tariffs.

This comes under the new Energy Bill legislation, and includes reforms such as: 1) companies my offer no more than four core tariffs for each fuel type, 2) bills must show the cheapest tariffs, and 3) consumers will be treated more fairly.


International Mother Language Day

Is English not your first language? Were you brought up elsewhere and still speak another language?

Thursday 21st February is the international day of celebration

Courtesy of Frerieke

Courtesy of Frerieke

for multilingualism and cultural diversity.

This day was brought about by the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organisation, and will be discussed in schools throughout England.

We at City Radio have been running around London to play our part in this celebration.We have our reporter Lillie Rosenblatt on the case, and watch this space for some fantastic audio clips.

If you speak another language, please send us a voice-clip to Olivia.st@live.com, or tweet us @citybroadcasters!

Can you guess which language is which? We will release the results at 4pm on Thursday 21st February

East London Bangladeshi Community

Action in the East London Bangladeshi community – Our reporter Helen-Ann Smith headed to Altab Ali Park at 1am this morning.

There she found 800 Bangladeshis celebrating International Mother Language Day, as well as the Bangladeshi martyr’s day.

Ministry of Defence on Trial

The families of British soldiers killed on duty in Iraq are fighting for their compensation claim rejection to be over-turned.

In October 2012 the MOD faced claims that it did not provide its soldiers with adequate protection whilst on duty in dangerous situations. Private Phillip Hewett, Private Lee Ellis and Lance Corporal Kirk Redpath were all killed between 2005 and 2007 whilst driving Snatch Land Rovers in Iraq.

Their families have claimed compensation from the MOD on behalf of these men on the grounds that their human rights were infringed. This claim was rejected in October 2012, but is now being appealed.

Courtesy of Defence Images

Courtesy of Defence Images

The case is being heard today and tomorrow, and will end at 4pm on Thursday. City Radio’s Anja will bring you a more in-depth analysis.

Win with City Radio

We have launched our first competition! The prize: one delicious Cadbury’s Creme Egg Easter Egg…

For your chance to win, click here

Monopoly’s Fleet Street

The street made famous by its “news” connections – uploaded to Flickr by D1v1D

fleet street

Monopoly’s Bond Street

With City Radio’s Caroline Radnofsky! Good feed-back to our Monopoly post!


The evolution of the London Tube Map

The iconic London Underground map has seen many revamps in the 105 years since its birth, but now Dr Max Roberts has revolutionised the traditional topological map in favour of a design based on concentric circles.

In his guest post on the ‘Going Underground’ blog, Dr Roberts writes: “”With the new orbital loop surrounding Central London, some people are suggesting a mapping approach based on circles to emphasise this feature. There is nothing new here, and Berlin, Paris, Moscow and Madrid have all received this treatment in the past. Grounding a map in familiar shapes such as circles can make it easy to comprehend.”

However he recognises that it is possible to “push a design priority too far”.

Check out the evolution of the London Map over time.
The first combined map was published in 1908 by the Underground Electric Railways Company of London (UERL) in conjunction with four other underground railway companies using the “Underground” brand as part of a common advertising initiative
The first publically issued folder version of the famous Harry Beck diagram of the London Underground system as issued in 1933 – the Piccadilly line northern extension has yet to be opened from Oakwood (Enfield West) to Cockfosters.
A modern day tube map, from April 2011

Monopoly poll!

Which is your LEAST favourite monopoly piece?

Click here to give your answer!

monopoly pieces

Monopoly’s Trafalgar Square

On ice no less! Uploaded by Diamond Geezer Image