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The Team



Jessie Rodger

News Editor

Helen-Ann Smith

A little background: Helen is a seasoned radio freelancer with an interest in London community affairs and education policy.

Surprising secret: ‘I once hitch-hiked across the North Indian Himalayas’

Online Editor

Olivia Stuart-Taylor

Olivia is a keen new journalist, and would love to work within cultural and life-style journalism. She adores cooking, rug-making, and meeting new and interesting people!


Chess Roberts

A little background: Chess is an actress turned journalist. She enjoys good theatre, music and food as well as longer form investigative journalism where the quality of product is key.

Surprising secret: ‘Despite what appearances might tell you, I am actually 6ft tall


Studio Manager

Alyssa Thomas

Assistant Studio Manager

Amy Westgarth

A little background: Amy is particularly interested in International news & documentary making. She’s an Africa junkie and travels as much as possible, she’s also a comedy actress.

Surprise secret: ‘I once got impaled on a spike in St.James’ Park and wear my scar with pride… I may have told people it was from an Anaconda bite….’


Maxwell Ward

A little background: Focused on news and sport, Max aims to bring you big news, first.

Surprising secret: ‘When I was young I told my Mum I wanted to grow up to be a robot’

Live Reporter

Lillie Rosenblatt

A little background: Lillie’s main expertise is education and crime stories; areas that have a true human interest.

Surprising secret: ‘I’m addicted to cooking and crime fiction (not at the same time)’

Broadcast Journalist

Fern Tomlinson

A little background: Fern is an aspiring political journalist, who would love nothing more than to be the next Nick Robinson.

Surprising Secret: ‘I make a mean carrot cake, and nearly got a black belt in karate’



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