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For a more in-depth analysis, tune into Amy Westgarth at 3:30pm on Thursday 21st February!

Talk London's news reporter - Amy Westgarth

Talk London’s news reporter – Amy Westgarth

For now, however, here is a brief breakdown of today’s top stories…

Lord McAlpine drops some Twitter charges – The former Conservative party treasurer who was accused of sexual abuse has dropped some of the charges against the Twitter users who labelled him.

He has asked that a donation be made to Children in Need instead.

Nike drops Pistorius – The sportswear company Nike has suspended its sponsorship contract with the paralympian Oscar Pistorius whilst his murder trial is ongoing.

They have not yet termed him as guilty, and have expressed the opinion that he should be awarded “due process”.

Pistorius detective also faces murder charges – Oscar Pistorius’ defense lawyer Hilton Botha has been removed from the case after it was revealed that he too is facing murder charges.

The South African Police Chief removed Mr Botha from the case and has brought in the top detective Lt Gen Vinesh Moonoo to take it on.

Pistorious is still denying the charge of murdering his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in the early hours of 14th February 2013.

His defense lawyer Barry Roux says that his claims are ‘plausible’ and that he should be granted bail today.

Tottenham fans attacked in Lyon – Tottenham Hotspur fans were attacked in a bar in Lyon last night in the run up to Tottenham’s Europa League tie.

Men in balaclavas smashed the windows of the Smoking Dog Pub’s windows, and three fans required hospital treatment.

Amongst the fans was journalist Christian Radnedge, who said he didn’t believe the attackers were Lyon fans.

Birmingham men found guilty – 3 men in Birmingham who had been planning an attack to “eclipse” the 9/11 Twin Towers have been found guilty of terrorism.

Irfan Naseer, Irfan Khalid and Ashik Ali from Birmingham were found guilty today at the Woolwich Crown Court.

There were arrested in 2011 when their plans were discovered, and detectives have found that their most dangerous plan was to attack transatlantic airliners.

Las Vegas Gun-battle – 3 people are dead and 3 injured after a gun-battle caused a 5-care pile-up in Las Vegas.

The gun battle was between a Maserati driver and the driver of a Sports Utility Vehicle.

St John Sheahan revealed that the Maserati driver was killed, along with a taxi driver and its passenger. The SUV had disappeared from the scene by the time police arrived.



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