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East London – The Mayor of Tower Hamlets Luftfur Rahman is on a “walk-about” fact-finding tour in East London today.

He will be meeting members of the East End Trades Guild: a group of shop-keepers and small traders who are protesting about the rocketing business rates in East London.

The members are hoping that the Mayor will be persuaded to back their campaign after finishing his walk. His route will include Leila’s cafe in Calvert Avenue, and the Chaat curry house in Redchurch Street.

South London – The Norwood and Brixton food bank has reported rising numbers of families requiring their services over the last year.

It says that it has regularly fed “5000 people”, and that it often has to make food deliveries to old aged pensioners who are unable to collect it for themselves.

North London  – North-London rabbi arrested over sexual abuse. A rabbi who runs a synagogue in Golders Green is being questioned over perverting the course of justice in a sexual abuse probe.

4 men have been arrested by the police investigating sexual abuse claims in an orthodox community of North London.

Rabbi Halpern has denied all wrong-doing.



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