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Business news – Wednesday 20th

Apple Falls Victim to Hackers – Apple Mac has announced that it has fallen victim to a hacking attack.

Apple employees are reported to have visited a software website which infected the Apple system with a malware specially designed to attack Apple’s famous “Mac” computers.

The news agency Reuters was told that this is one of the first attacks on Mac computers, as opposed to the rival Windows system which is usually targeted.

Apple has announced that it will release a new piece of soft-ware as soon as possible to protect its users against the virus.


Mantel’s medal

Hilary Mantel, who’s won the Booker prize twice, is to receive the Bodley Award at the Oxford Literary Festival in March.

It’s better news for the author, after she came under fire for describing Kate Middleton as a ‘mannequin’ with ‘a plastic smile’ earlier this month.

The Prime Minister described these comments as ‘completely misguided’ but some believe her quotes were taken out of context.

Dali steal ‘stupid’











A man who stole a Salvador Dali painting from a Manhattan gallery, only to later return it in the post, has described his actions as ‘stupid’.

The US authorities detained and charged the 29-year old after they found traces of his fingerprints.

After he stole the art work, called Carte de Don Juan, the man flew it back with him to Athens, Greece, before putting it in the mail.

It is thought that the piece is worth up to £97,000.

A very good day for Mumford & Sons!

Mumford & Sons have won Best British Band at the Brit Awards 2013.

It comes on the same day as the British folk band topped the American Billboard 200 album charts following their Grammy win earlier this month.

‘Babel’ won the Album of the Year award at the most respected music awards ceremony in the world.

In just over a week, it climbed from number 4 to number 1 and has sold a total of 185,000 copies in the USA.

Well done from Talk London!

International Mother Language Day

Is English not your first language? Were you brought up elsewhere and still speak another language?

Thursday 21st February is the international day of celebration

Courtesy of Frerieke

Courtesy of Frerieke

for multilingualism and cultural diversity.

This day was brought about by the United Nations Education, Science and Cultural Organisation, and will be discussed in schools throughout England.

We at City Radio have been running around London to play our part in this celebration.We have our reporter Lillie Rosenblatt on the case, and watch this space for some fantastic audio clips.

If you speak another language, please send us a voice-clip to Olivia.st@live.com, or tweet us @citybroadcasters!

Can you guess which language is which? We will release the results at 4pm on Thursday 21st February

East London Bangladeshi Community

Action in the East London Bangladeshi community – Our reporter Helen-Ann Smith headed to Altab Ali Park at 1am this morning.

There she found 800 Bangladeshis celebrating International Mother Language Day, as well as the Bangladeshi martyr’s day.

Ministry of Defence on Trial

The families of British soldiers killed on duty in Iraq are fighting for their compensation claim rejection to be over-turned.

In October 2012 the MOD faced claims that it did not provide its soldiers with adequate protection whilst on duty in dangerous situations. Private Phillip Hewett, Private Lee Ellis and Lance Corporal Kirk Redpath were all killed between 2005 and 2007 whilst driving Snatch Land Rovers in Iraq.

Their families have claimed compensation from the MOD on behalf of these men on the grounds that their human rights were infringed. This claim was rejected in October 2012, but is now being appealed.

Courtesy of Defence Images

Courtesy of Defence Images

The case is being heard today and tomorrow, and will end at 4pm on Thursday. City Radio’s Anja will bring you a more in-depth analysis.

Team updates – Wednesday 20th February

Amy Westgarth is tinkering with the website, making it look bigger and better!

Maxwell Ward is heading into the local area to get you the best and most up-to-date package

Helen-Ann is working on one of the most controversial topics of the year… watch this space.

And Fern Tomlinson has just finished with Meg Hillier (MP for Hackney South and Shoreditch) who says that “half term recesses help Parliament be more family friendly.”  Glenda Jackson MP said “it is a misconception that MPs use recess as holiday time.”

Fern's view

Fern’s view

Win with City Radio

We have launched our first competition! The prize: one delicious Cadbury’s Creme Egg Easter Egg…

For your chance to win, click here

Local London – Tuesday 19th February

North: London Loses Four A&E Facilities – The Accident & Emergency departments of the hospitals in Charing Cross, Central Middlesex, Hammersmith and Ealing hospitals as part of a “Primary Care Trust” effort to improve other services. This follows a large-scale change to South-East Lewisham’s NHS health-care.

Local residents will now be re-directed to Hillingdon, Northwick Park, West Middlesex, Chelsea and Westminster or St Mary’s hospitals.

South: Royal Visit – Today the Duchess of Cambridge visited a drug addiction centre in Clapham, South London, on her first outing of the year.

Pictures show her with a growing bump and a “healthy” tan which indicate that her pregnancy is so far proceeding well.

West: Ealing involved – A West London charity shop has thrown itself into the public eye by opening a website aimed to encourage people to donate anything that they no longer need.

The charity, which is a joint venture between ECVS (a social enterprise board)  and Ealing Council works to raise money for nine community groups in the borough.

East: Former Headmaster out-raged at mural removal – The removal of street mural created by school-children in East London has been met with out-rage by the school’s former Headmaster.

Sean McGrath was the head-master of Stepney Green School for 6 years until 2006. In 2002 he organised the creation of a street mural out-side of the school’s gates through the work of his school-children and the artist Jean Powell.

The mural was recently taken down, however, for “safe-keeping” whilst the school is under-going reconstruction. Mr McGrath responded to this removal by writing to the MP for Bethnal Green and Bow Rushanala Ali to demand that it be replaced for the community to enjoy.

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